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SINGAPORE: Singapore, 2013 | Part I

Ruo Ling Lu


like what I said, I'm obsessed with the windows of Gardens by the Bay. I cant stop staring at the patches of squares. it reminded me of Suliman's dome in Howl's Moving Castle.


attempting to do symmetry photos. failed terribly.


attempt #2. failed also.



cool right? I can't stop staring at it. simple idea that makes magic. ok maybe I'm dumb I'm the only to not have thought 'bout this. -.- . so there you go. first batch of photos from Singapore. I don't really have time to go thru the photos and edit I just did a quick scan before the exam starts. anyway, I love buildings! so here's all the building photos. next batch will be Gardens by the Bay! stay tuned! yea, I forgot to put this in in my post grad post. I got showered by confetti under my favourite patch of sky on graduation day. it's amazing staring up and watching the pieces of papers fall. but it's not meant for me I just happened to stand there lol.