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Just A Minute In November

Ruo Ling Lu

my fave self portrait recently hahahaha I can play with it for the whole day in PS. so itching to touch the cam hmmm.


Connecting… the dots between stuffs like stories in History and things that happened more than one year ago. but what can I do, really? even if I had the chance to rewrite the story, would things be the same now?

Playing… Tetris Battle and Minesweeper. both games that clear the mind but at the same time pile shits into it.

Reading… Norwegian Woods.

Making… plans after SPM. right now I can only think of reading, movies, decluttering, running and helping mum spring clean.

Thinking… about lots of things. mostly about people. yeah people.

Listening… to all sorts of song. what can you do for entertainment when you can’t go out or can’t watch movies except music? :)

ah, I've been lagging behind a lot. that’s what I hate about exams. you know, you have to put everything on hold sometimes even have to stop routine jobs hmph. there’s just so many stuffs waiting for me to do. busy busy month ahead!