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Just A Minute In May

Ruo Ling Lu

hi. I'm busy lately with assignments, test, competition, interview, wedding, etc., etc. lately which explains the hiatus. is it assignment tsunami? yes? no? I'm not sure. I don't know because it seems that there're still a lot of things coming from uni in the next few weeks. I can't wait for a real break to refill my energy doing the things I like~

Feeling... excited for my mid-term break. most of the time I'm catching up with assignments but at least, a desperately-needed rest. (< I wrote this before 22 May) (update on 22 May, last day of my break: I realize that this is neither a mid-term break or a get-your-shit-together break, it's a try-to-get-your-shit-together-but-still-fail break)

Having... lots of !!!-stuff and ugh-stuff happening one after another. imagine the roller coaster ride.

Listening... to Madness (or Matt-ness, haha, get it? #RuoLingTriesToPun) and 陈绮贞's (Cheer Chen) songs.

Getting... used to my 20-year old brain. if you don't know what I mean, see here.

Reading... Rene Margritte by Marcel Paquet.

Trying... to go back to my darker photography style. consuming too much of Instagram, blogs and other media, le sigh.


Jane's got a voice
> I don't watch TV but Samsung Serif makes me want to buy it and carry around
> Not just for college senior, but friends I meet in university
> how many rock band can you guess from these icons?
> loving what Brandon Stanton is doing with Humans of New York, read the latest stories on pediatric cancer.