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Just A Minute In March

Ruo Ling Lu


Thinking... I don't want to be a part of all this.

Watching... The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Korean series Remember and The Time We Were Not In Love (it's been a year since I watched one), Pirates of the Caribbean series, Still Alice, on the big screen: Joy ,  我来自纽约 The Kid From Big Apple  (this is good), Zootopia and Allegiant .

Reading... Deception Point by Dan Brown, Digital Film-making by Mike Figgis, Still Alice by Lisa Genova and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

Loving... this street performance (them doublebass), pink/dusty pink (I can't believe this too, I guess I have to to thanks Wes Anderson), earth tone, inspirational women (sadly, all fictional /laughing with tears emoji/)

Getting... into furniture, industrial/product design... it's not like I'm getting a house or what but I really, really enjoy looking at these things and am really, really thinking about them carefully (practicality and imagining the textures, etc.).

Starting... to love tofu???

Learning... Ableton~

Playing... Blendoku! introduced by Yuenny, some levels are really tough rrrr.

Feeling... my brain getting old. I probably said this already in January but I can't remember, see, because my brain has passed it's peak and is now on a downwards journey (probably). there's a growing number of things that I can't connect with any context anymore and I can't remember what was I thinking 5 seconds ago. :(

- image from, you can get photos for free there! - 



> it would be nice to ride bikes through this passage in Amsterdam
> photographer takes photos of Parisian floors
> I kind of want to become mini-size so I can live in these test tubes world
> this photographer creates a new world that would exist in Inception/Interstellar
> writer's block? try this! (but make sure your heart can stand the challenge)