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D&C: Keeping Yo Sh*t Together

Ruo Ling Lu

pink | blue


I’m an organizing freak? totally agree with that. :P

I’ve been meaning to write something like this for some time and finally I did. they are mostly tips I found online and decided to try out. planner, to-do list, systems and techniques. I’m always trying whatever that says it’s gonna make my life easier. also, I’m writing this in hopes that people will learn to keep their shit together so I won’t need to keep their shit together for them.



Write A To-Do List

I keep trying to do this but failing. then, I realize two essential parts in making a to-do list work. 1. put in even the smallest task (e.g. sending a text message or reloading the paper tray) and 2. keep updating it (yeah, even it means several times a day).

Keep A Notebook

it doesn’t matter if it’s digital or analog. ideas come and go and sometimes it just so happens that you thought of something you ought to do but forgot while you’re checking out your groceries. the notebook is where you’re gonna dump all these.

Allocate Time

set a reasonable time for each task. I used to panic while I’m completing one task and keep worrying that I don’t have time for the other tasks. so if you know you have time for certain tasks, it’ll save you the panic.

Break Into Small Chunks

find something too big to handle? break them into small tasks and complete them one by one without feeling so stressful and pressured. at least you’ve made some progress by ticking off those small tasks.

Tackle The Difficult Task First

the reason for procrastination is usually because you don’t wanna face the difficult task. in the end, you complete nothing. so yeah, ticking off the big task from my to-do list is a relief and it makes me motivated to finish the other tasks.

One Thing At A Time

I used to think that multitask would get more work done in a shorter time. I was wrong, multitask distracts me. I find that focusing on only one task makes it easier and takes a shorter time. 

Set Boundaries

when it comes to playing around on Adobe no matter it’s for fun or for assignment… I could spend hours on it. However, there is no perfection. so I learnt how to set a time for things and be happy with my effort. it’s important to set boundaries for both work and fun so you don’t neglect one another.

2-Minute Task

I keep a mental list of tasks that can be done in two-minutes so whenever I have the time and feel like it, I complete them. some examples:

  • put things back into place
  • reply e-mail/message
  • ditch out old receipts
  • delete old conversations/media
  • organize Desktop or Download folder


Keep Only One Tab Open

with TM*, it’s gonna take me forever to do what I wanna do on the WWW with only one tab open. so nah, I still open twenty tabs when I launch Chrome. I’ve figured out a way though, that’s to go across the tab from left to right; if the tab loads, I’ll finish whatever I’m supposed to do on the tab, only then I move on to the next tab. if it doesn’t, I’ll just move on. repeat.

The Pomodoro Technique

it’s a technique to help you to focus on the task on hand and have small breaks in between tasks and then a longer break. it doesn’t work for me ‘cause I like to have flexibility to switch things around and leaving some time empty for urgent stuffs or when tasks that I’ve accidentally left out.

see more: The Pomodoro Technique

*HD is a luxury. I'm happy enough with 480p.


Bullet Journal

I’m currently testing it out but it’ll take two months to see if this works (so far, it sorta works). it’s a system that includes daily to-dos, notes, appointments. anyone can come up with their own system as well. my favourite for bullet journal is the future log.

see more: Bullet Journal

these are just tips that I hope will help you. in the end, it still comes down to whether you wanna be responsible for your mess or not.