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Just A Minute In May

Ruo Ling Lu

Just A Minute In May 2017 | A Beautiful Distraction

have always wanted to try something with emerald/dark green since a long while ago, so yeah... after uploading it, I realize that it reminds me of Raya, which is coming soon! if you have a bit of imagination, you can actually see an "M" (for May, duh) from the sticks.

loving | electric blue.

reading | Magazine B - Issue No. 46: Pantone and Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive.

learning | to be here and be here, not be here and at the same time be somewhere else, like the virtual world or my castle in the air.

watching | 13 Reasons Why (debatable. my two cents: people always say suicide is not an option but no one wants to see what pushes someone to think so), Wall-E, and You Mean The World To Me 海墘新路 (hmm a bit disappointing).

withdrawing | from almost everything and everyone (yeah, if you think it's just you, no it's not*). there's a Chinese proverb that says something like "take a rest for the longer journey ahead." I guess this is it.

rethinking about my priorities and things I'm willing to sacrifice... no conclusion yet, but this: I definitely want my sleep!

feeling 1. lonely. not expecting this huh but I think it's always there, just that I didn't realize it because of the ways I deal with it, but recently it's just right in the face. no, not looking for anyone to make me feel less this way. instead, trying to live with it because yeah, I still have my live-on-a-secluded-island-like-a-hermit dream. *winks* 2. pissed. not the I-wanna-scream-until-my-lungs-burst kinda pissed but the man-I-don't-know-anymore-I'm-not-sure-what-to-say-anymore pissed, which also kinda explains the withdrawal I guess...

*I'm sorry but you're just not that special. :P


MALAYSIA: Penang, 2017

Ruo Ling Lu


after a few months, I'm once again back to the Pearl of the Orient - Penang with my family. touristy spots, touristy food. the highlight was that coincidentally, there's a celebration for Myanmar's New Year and Songkran in the temples so we got to experienced it. also, we went to Batu Ferringhi which I didn't the previous time, and was surprised to find the place looking like Krabi minus the alcohol!

some info I would like to add to my previous post:


New Lane is the new black! haha probably not, but we decided to go back to our favourite and the food there is still so good!


Malaysians! bring your IC and you can go all the way up to Bukit Bendera for the night views after 7PM, daily. for more tickets information, click here

also, it seems like the Kuanyin statue is forever under construction (*cues eye roll) so there's really no point going there anymore.



Just A Minute In April

Ruo Ling Lu

before you judge, it's supposed to look like an "A" and a "4". omg hahahaha. I wanna try the 90s comic book style. the result is surprisingly satisfying! :D

going | back to Pinterest and Tumblr.

watchingGhost in the Shell, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Amelie, Ma' Rosa and The Boss Baby

feeling | man, I don't know anymore.

listening | to bo en of course.

reading | Magazine B - Issue No. 46: Pantone and Philosophy 101 by Paul Kleinmann.

I don't know how April just flew by in the blink of an eye. I don't have much to say because I don't remember much except from sleeping and completing assignments that I have close to zero motivation to do. so maybe the contents below will interest you~



SEE | this matchy matchy photo series - Wardrobe Snacks
SEE Atomic Room - nuclear bunkers that house a million people in Beijing
SEE | Landscapes from North Chile
READ How working less could solve all our problems. Really. 
WATCH | That's never your job, that's harrasment
WATCH How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime