hello hello!

I am Ruo Ling, a broadcasting and advertising student currently in sunny Malaysia!

(oh god, the About page is a real struggle.)


I go places. I take pictures. I mess around in Adobe. I think a lot. I post whatever I come up with here.

so, a few things about me...
I know you come here looking to know more about what I do and stuff like that (or what I can offer you. I read that on some How To Write A Killer About Me article). at the same time, I don't want this to look like a CV. so, a few quick answers that (hopefully) sums up who I am...

favourite movie: I haven't watched a lot of the greats. so, movie - Memento. animation - Up.
favourite song: Creep by Radiohead.
favourite book: haven't come across that yet. but I love Holden Caulfield's character.
fashion muse: Steve Jobs.
what makes me happy: when colours match. also, successfully digging a gem. by gem I mean nice music.
do I believe in reincarnation: haven't really considered that thoroughly. but I like to think that we are full of energy. and when we die, our energy dissipates from us into the universe, merging with other energies to become something else. whatever that something else is. it could be a tarantula or it could be a computer chip.
(I don't mind answering more questions like this, so if you want, drop me a message!)


more things about me...
I started taking photos when I was in secondary school. slowly, I got my way into the world of Adobe. now, I spend (too much) hours playing around, all while accompanied by all sorts of music, from jazz to rock and classic to folk. this space has certainly changed a lot throughout the years. yet, one thing remains - it's where I put the product of my creativity (which I hope I have). although, they're sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes just mediocre.

when I'm not doing those things, I spend my time reading, reasoning philosophical arguments with myself, building castle in the air, watching films, singing in the shower and planning the next adventure. what keeps me excited about life is the knowledge and experience that I've yet to discover and the achievements I've yet to unlock.


other random facts
I can finish a 9" pizza all by myself and reverse parking like a ninja (well... it depends on what car I'm driving). also, I haven't watched Lion King yet.


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